Hi, I’m Francesca Proserpio Van der Werf, mum of 4 and passionate about health, fitness & wellness in general.

After my degree in Milan, Italy, I went to London for 3 years, met my South African husband and moved to Cape Town in May 2000 where I started teaching Italian to adults and kids.

Always sporty and happy to exercise (I was in a swimming team for about 15 years), I joined the “aerobic wave” during university and decided to pay it forward becoming a swimming instructor and later on also a bootcamp instructor as I realized I really enjoy helping people in their strokes, moves and looks.

After a few “stressful” years working on marketing projects, I left the corporate world to start a family.

My husband and I had 4 beautiful children and I fully enjoyed those years at home with them (*more about my family stories in my blog).

Forced to go back to work due to the local economy I couldn’t face the thought of going back to an office. Thanks to my teaching experience at the Italian school, I found a beautiful and rewarding position at a playschool where I could work in the morning and have the afternoon for my family and for my other businesses. Yes, I feel at my best when I help others being better swimmers, reaching a healthier version of themselves and speaking a more fluent Italian.

It was only in 2011 that I discovered another way of working using my marketing skills from home (and that offered: more flexibility, the ability to create more than a “hobby” income, working with people, and furthering my marketing and management skills). But I couldn’t find a young, global company in South Africa. All the “good” companies were in the USA. Only recently, in 2015 I got introduced to a company with all “my” requirements:

  • Young (5-6 years)
  • Global (present in over 100 countries)
  • With excellent products
  • In a fast growing industry
  • With a profitable compensation plan

So I decided to join Jeunesse as I noticed its products would complement my fitness programs (more and more people wanted to look younger, not only healthier). I started this business like most people—part-time, with no previous business experience. I began sharing the products and the opportunity and people began to join me.

I made a commitment to educate myself on what was out there, select something that worked for me and my family, apply the time, dedication and perseverance that I knew it would take and start reaping the rewards!

I believe that investing the time in looking after my body and mind is certainly one of the most important investments I can make.

The return on this investment can be measured in a significant enhancement in confidence, self-esteem, improved relationships with others, as well as the ability to perform better at my daytime job.

My main goal is to have a balanced life and help you reaching your balance. As we are a body, mind, soul and spirit. It is important to nurture all parts equally.

So put yourself and your health first, no matter how busy you are. A daily workout (even a good hi -paced walk) & some good TLC will give you energy, which will give you performance which will give you profits!

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