Stop doubting about your abilities to excel and discover a simple routine to succeed in life!

Before I even start writing I would like to ask you to write down “what is success for you”.


To me success goes further than being wealthy and famous. Success is being happy with yourself and at peace with your heart. Success is having a balanced life, a harmonious rhythm between work, home, family and business.

And if you think you’ll never get there, I want to invite you to stop doubting about your abilities. There’s a quote I like that says: “If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” Don Ward


As we start a business, it is easy to fall into doubt. There are many types of doubt: doubts about the company; doubts about network marketing; and, most common, doubts about our own ability to see the job through.

Self-doubt is that annoying “self-chatter” that often shows up, sitting on our shoulder and telling us that we are crazy to think that WE can do it; that we can be successful.

But, think about it this way – why not ME, and why not NOW? If it can happen for anyone else, it can also happen for me.

The key of course is simply following a proven system for success….and then, getting out of one’s own way.


Let me give you 5 steps to follow to create the perfect routine to start your road to success.

  1. Make time for yourself waking up earlier: I noticed that if I don’t set an alarm before everyone else is up I won’t get to do all “my” things
  2. Have a VISION of your success: you can make a board or visualize it in your mind. Draw/cut out pictures of your priorities and your goalsvisionboard
  3. As you wake up, try to skip fb, emails, messages – let your soul breathe in silence, pray, meditate (I like to read daily devotionals or prayers)
  4. Say to yourself some positive affirmations like (I’m worth it, I deserve happiness and joy, I attract abundance, I feel good, I am strong, I am confident, I am successful , I can achieve anything I want…) FB_IMG_1444931091795
  5. EXERCISE! You know I’m a big fan of motion! Because motion gives you emotions! Yes, when your body moves your blood circulate and you feel more alive, better, energetic! And 5-10 minutes a day can make a huge difference if you’re just starting.

There are lots of books to help you start your routine. One of my favourite is “The Miracle Morning” by Al Elrod. But you need to try and see what works for you. And the most important thing is to start. Just do it. Set that alarm early and get up. Stop doubting about yourself and drop all your fears! 


Let me know how it goes and if you have any suggestion and don’t forget to enjoy the journey!


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