Staying healthy isn’t just about eating right and working out!

Every change of season our bodies feel the change: spring with the blooming flowers and pollen, summer with the longer days and the sunshine, autumn & winter with the cold & flu. So our bodies need some pick me up & tlc.

These ALL- NATURAL remedies for keeping illness at bay are my favourite!


  1. SLEEP Getting at least 7-8 hours per night keeps your immune system in check. Sleep deprivation (even short term) can “fog” your mind, stop your weight loss, increase your stress levels, make you “cranky” (check out my blog about tips on a better night sleep: ). So try to make sleep a priority and block off those 8 hrs sleep to rejuvenate you!


2.  EXERCISE –  moderate exercise 5 days per week amps up immune function. Yes, if you know me, you should know how pro I am about exercise.

But I want to emphasise something for you. Exercise must not be painful for you.

You need to look at exercise as the best medicine to keep a healthy mind, body and soul.

5-10 minutes a day could transform your life. Exercise doesn’t make you skinny: it makes you happy, it de-stresses you, it restores your body.

Exercising is to honour the gift of your body, the greatest gift from God. And please, don’t overdo it! Excess exercising can actually stop your weight loss and increase your stress level! So, yes, of course you can go very high intensity, but only for a few minutes and not every single day!

The ideal is alternating HIIT, yoga, pilates, gentle run, longer and steady jog, strength training/lifting.


3.Vitamin C & Dhelps to regulate the immune system. Increase your intake daily!

High vitamin C foods include bell peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwis, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, and papayas.


Vitamin D is the one we mainly get from the sun. Go out and bake in the sun for 30 minutes! (with SPF PLEASE!) . The warmth of the sun on your body will also help you to relax all your muscles. If it’s rainy, cold and miserable go to a sauna and relax for 10 minutes (ok, this will just help you to relax, no vitamin D in the sauna!)

drink watereat-real-food

4. Drink lots of water! And eat whole food! Remember chronic dieting and/or over-restriction can also stop your weight loss and increase your stress! Reduce hunger & cravings, increase energy and burn fat without stressing your body. And remember: one of the major stresses for our body is SUGAR!!! For my report on how to drop your sugar intake, please click below)

Stay healthy & young this season!

stay healthy


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