There are so many Network Marketing companies out there! How do I choose the best one?

This is a question I hear often. Let me guide you to the best choice you can do for yourself.

First of all there isn’t one company that is the best. It’s the one that suits you most, that you live the most, that you embrace the most, that you are most passionate about, which is the best for you.


Let me give you some guidelines you want to consider when looking around.

You look for:
1- A young global company (5-6 yrs old) – so that you are kind of sure it’s stable and won’t go bankrupt or shut down, registered on the DSA (direct selling association) and available at an international level (in different continents)
2- Unique products (preferably FMCG –fast moving consumer goods, but not necessarily. There are many successful leaders doing very well with luxury goods too)
3- New in your area/country
4- With a good compensation plan
5- With excellent training and support
Ideally would be good for you to be product of the product to be a walking advert for them, showing the benefits and results you personally got with those products. But on the other side remember, not all McDonald’s owners got into it because they like the food, they saw the potential of owning such a restaurant.

Now, let me tell you how I got involved in my company.

I started following people in another American company in 2011 and saw what such business model could do for you. I saw people going from bankrupt to living a much better life!


So I got intrigued by it and started acting like one of them. Yes, I was (and still am) a walking product of the product for them. The only problem is that that specific company is not available in South Africa and even though I somehow managed to register with them, I couldn’t connect my bank account with them. So I learnt a lot, did lots of training, webinars, videos etc. but I was very frustrated for not being able to invite and share that opportunity with others.

I also looked at a local company (oh yes, great products! In fact I still use them), but I knew I wanted something global, especially considering I’m Italian & I live in South Africa.

In May 2015 I came across another company that matched all my requirements listed above and I decided to take the leap of faith and jump on that wagon.

This is my personal experience and personal opinion.  But I hope it gives you an idea of where to go if you’re looking for a multilevel marketing company.

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