Is your body healthy and regular?


A bowel frequency less than 3 times a week can signify constipation.

Frequent elimination is a critical component of optimal health, and many healthcare professionals recommend bowel movements in the range of 1 to 3 times daily as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

How frequently do you pass stools?

If less than 3 times a week, then you need some help to improve your bowel movement.

We’ve all been there: 1 day, 2, 3, 4…even a week!!!! Scary!!!

You know what I’m talking about….eh?

I remember those days when I was so busy having fun and rushing to friends and there was no time to “sit & relax”.

Has it happened to you too? And those pregnancy days that I felt so uncomfortable!

Luckily I found a way to avoid those bad days.

And here some of my tips!

  1. Two kiwis a day make you go all the way! Yep, since a friend told me that ,it has worked for me!


2. Keep a small step under your feet when sitting: when legs are lifted there’s a better flow

small step

3. Drink LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of water or herbal tea or lemon water

drink water benefits

4. Add spinach to your daily food

Young spinach leaves in isolated white background

5. Eat seasonal melon or papaya

melon papaya2d

6. Relax, give yourself extra 20 minutes to sit, relax, read a magazine after breakfast. When I rush to shower after breakfast I know that day is missed!


7. Move your body: dance, go for a brisk walk, run, jog

hot party

8. If all fails, I take a fibre called Psyllum Husk and it works like a bomb (only the next day though).


Here there’s a nice infographic you can look at and learn from.


If you enjoy my healthy tips, feel free to share!

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