6 ways to fight fat & avoid weight gain!

At the arrival of a new season our bodies react differently. Here some tips for you to beat body seasonal spread and get a lean body!



  1. Avoid alcohol (& sugar!)

Alcohol – especially liqueurs and cocktails – is very high in kilojoules. Rather choose wine or spirits like whiskey, gin or vodka, if you do have the occasional drink.


  1. Don’t weigh yourself regularly; rather measure yourself with an old pair of jeans!

This is important to stay on track. If you fit your favourite old pair of jeans weekly, you can keep yourself in check and deal with any weight gain before it becomes a problem.



  1. Schedule exercise into your routine

No more excuses! The cold and dark mornings are over (in the southern hemisphere): if you put off exercising during winter because of the cold weather & darkness outside, don’t forget that now it’s getting warmer and lighter outside! So spring is your best season to get up early and energise your day with an early morning workout. Schedule your workouts and make it non-negotiable! It’s YOUR time, YOUR investment in yourself!


  1. Rethink how you reward yourself

Redefine your way of rewarding yourself – reward yourself with a nice top or beautiful summer dress or costume. Or a new body lotion (I love Essential Body Renewal by Jeunesse). You don’t have to eat rich, fatty high sugary processed food and puddings. Fruit, veggie and light meals will make you feel better!


  1. Stock up on healthy snacks

Foods like fruit, yoghurt, popcorn, dried fruit, cottage cheese, nuts and whole-wheat crackers are all ideal snacks. Just watch the portion of nuts and dried fruit as these are quite kilojoule-dense and should be kept to small amounts at a time


  1. Keep a record of what you eat

Keep a food diary so that every extra nibble is taken into account. Tracking your food intake can also help you to pinpoint the food that makes you feel good or bad and the times of the day that may be difficult for you to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Start better habits! 21 days to form a habit. Let’s do it!


And remember, there’s no a black & white rule when it comes to food. What works for me, might not work for you. That’s why it’s so important tracking your food intake to see how certain food impacts your moods & the way you look & feel. This is the only way you can improve yourself!



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