5 steps to live longer & look younger

Age is something we can’t escape, so might just work towards our optimum age potential and slow down the aging process maintaining, at the same time, our youthful vigour and health too.

Here are 5 steps for you to keep looking good and feeling great as you age:

1. EAT CLEANeat health banner

Simply avoid processed, refined foods and base your diet on whole foods (NO CRAP: C=Carbohydrated drinks, R=Refined sugar, A=Artificial flavourants & colorants, P=Processed food)


20 minutes of high intensity interval training workout is enough to raise your heart rate and get your blood circulation moving helping you stay fit & reduce that stress that makes us older and miserable (daily brisk walks and “bed” activities….mmhhhh you know what I mean, are good for you!)

For ideas on what exercise to do please ask me or join my FREE FB group where we “Burn Fat Fast!”


sleep well

This is a difficult subject to discuss as I find it very personal. I cannot decide for you how many hours of sleep you need. General guidelines are that 7-8 hours should make you feel rested, provided they are good uninterrupted hours! I found a great vitamin that helps me sleeping through the night (with dogs and kids I used to be woken up often, now that I take AM/PM by Jeunesse, even if I do wake up I still fall asleep right away)!



Water plays a very important role in keeping you hydrated with a good looking skin! When it’s cold I drink lots of herbal tea! Make sure you carry with you a small bottle of water all the time!


A good face cream definitely plays a great part in making your skin glow. I used to buy off the shelf face creams, until one day I received a sample and after 10 days I saw a major difference in the texture of my skin. That’s when I decided to invest a bit more on my skin to make it look youthful & vibrant!

After all we all deserve to radiate and have a better skin! I know use the Luminesce skin care line by Jeunesse and I don’t have to worry about dry, oily or normal skin because the growth factors in these creams speak the language of my cells and go and fill up the gaps and fix the imperfections of my skin!

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